With our UX Roles in the Workplace panel coming up in just a couple of day, we are pleased introduce you to our final panelist – Amy Montgomery.

* Where do you work?

State of Michigan – Center for Share Solution; UX/QA Shared Service

* What is your job title?

Officially on paper; QA Specialist
Unofficially; UX/QA Specialist

* What do you do?

Our team provides a lot of different services but related to helping a quality product for the end user:

UX Side

  • Focus Group facilitation
  • Persona development
  • Card Sorts
  • Usability Reviews
  • Usability/Cognitive Walkthrough facilitation
  • Usability Testing
  • General UX Consultation

QA Side

  • Manual Software Testing
  • Test Lead to plan and coordinate end user testing

* What makes you passionate about your work?

I have executed many different roles in the IT environment; developer, database designer, business analyst, etc.. and it wasn’t until I was introduced to and started doing Usability Testing I realized I am where I finally belong. I love helping in any way possible improve the end product so it is effective, efficient and satisfying to the end user. So anything I can do to help with this, is where I find my passion.

* If you could give one piece of advice to someone in college right now, what would it be?

It would be to try to get involved in as many roles as possible. We all think we know what we want to do for a career but the key is experience. When you are open and try different role or take on different responsibilities, I bet you will be surprised where you end up :)

* Is there anything else you would like to share about this topic (UX Roles in the Workplace), yourself, or life in general?

I have two small children, 7 and 9 so it’s always a fun challenge to balance family and work. Which leads me to the next item of no, I do not have a website, blog or twitter account that I am active with.

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