Our next panelist for UX Roles in the Workplace is Davin Granroth. To help you get to know Davin a little bit better, we asked him to answer a few questions for us.

* Where do you work?

Covenant Eyes in Owosso, MI. We’re a software company with services that give people tools to moderate their use of the Internet to be better for themselves and the people they love.

* What is your job title?

Vice President of User Experience

* What do you do?

I help with corporate and design strategy, help to shape our service offerings, and work at developing my staff into even more awesome designers, researchers, and analysts.

* What makes you passionate about your work?

McLuhan: “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” So many people in the world use without question the products and services they have been given, and their expectations and behaviors are then carved out by those products. Gah! I see this every day. So often those products are poorly designed and have unintended consequences. We can, at least momentarily, take hold of that cycle with research and design work and make the world better. This is crucial.

* If you could give one piece of advice to someone in college right now, what would it be?

Start designing now (hint: begin by asking questions and observing people) and over time your deeper understanding of a larger design process will be filled in.

* Is there anything else you would like to share about this topic (UX Roles in the Workplace), yourself, or life in general?

Michigan has a great UX community, and I hope we’ll see more mixing of students and professionals as we continue to grow.

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